The history of Final Fantasy IV: Minecraft is quite long. Already spanning half a decade before launch, this project has endeavored years of work to reach this point. It all started when I built the first Final Fantasy. This project, however, was a lot less intensive and only focused on Cornelia and its castle. Heightmap importation wasn’t developed for Worldpainter at the time so I had to manually brush in the landmass. The project also included two or three areas unprecedented in the game and from my own imagination. The treasure room, however, was inspired from the National Treasure film starring our one true god – Nicholas Cage.

The project was a hit and picked up traction around the internet after posting. The official minecraft forums posted it to their frontpage and that is when the project really took off, with the likes of Pyropuncher and Jesse Cox producing videos featuring the FFI project. A final fantasy site, UFF, among many others features the FFI project. Even the US branch of Square Enix reached out to me and said they had played the FFI map, which was one of the biggest honors my FFI received. Shortly after this bit of fanfare, the project was available for download, but there was a matter of resolution: what’s next? I told Pyro I might go for FFII, but this was before settling on FFIV.

Right after the success of FFI:MC, I decided to move onto a Kingdom project, which inspired the creation of 2 Elder Scroll buildings: the Imperial City Arena from Oblivion and Battlehorn Castle from the DLC. Afterwhich, I decided to get back into the realm of Final Fantasy & Minecraft with FFIV and started the project with Kaipo in 2011. This was the first in a planned series called – Building with Beret. After building Kaipo, I had trouble deciding how to present and format this project. I started to make Fabul castle for a more constant and proper scale that would allow me to extrapolate a rough size estimate of the overworld. There was and are canon stats on these cities, however, I choose to disregard the text.

It wasn’t until Fabul was made that I decide to recreate the whole world. I figured why not make a true rendition of a Final Fantasy world. It’d the perfect setting for a Minecraft world and as far as I am aware, nobody else has attempted such a feat for a Final Fantasy world. There have been well-known recreations, most notably the Lord of the Rings and Game of Throne remakes, however, no Final Fantasy world remake, much less one of the IV iteration. It’s funny, because I almost went with the PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics, which would have been even harder to remake due to its vague semblance of geography and the fact that series has a title spanning consoles: Tactics (PS), Advance (GBA), War of the Lions (PSP), A2 (DS). So I settled on Cecil and company to bear the burden of remake. After making Fabul, and the accompanying video, I knew I had to place Kaipo and Fabul in a world they rightfully belonged in, one that has never been seen before: a 1-to-1 recreation. Shortly after I actually made the town of Baron before starting the heightmap that would take me months to complete. Since then, I have worked tirelessly to worldpaint the world as accurately as possible. The goal is to emulate a world in the post-FFIV universe covering every dungeon, town, cave, castle and mountain pass. Along with remaking the FFIV world, I decided later on I would also make the project a wiki/compendium of sorts for FFIV.

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