Admin – Currently there is only Beret

Staff – The personnel of FFIV:MC who help curate and advise players

 Kingdom King – Mayors of the current kingdom capital are proclaimed king

Kingdom Mayor – Members who settle and found towns for their kingdom

Kingdom Member – The many members of a kingdom are denoted by their respective badge and name color

 Nomad- Roaming adventurers who never made a decision upon joining or have renounced their allegiance.

  • Combat Roles

    Monk | Archer | Warrior | Warlord | Hunter
  • Gathering Roles

    Miner | Woodcutter | Herbalist | Fisher | Excavator
  • Manufacturing Roles

    Blacksmith | Alchemist

Everyone starts out as a Nomad until they decide which kingdom to align themselves to. After deciding, the player is transported to their respective capital castle (Baron, Fabul, Eblan, Damcyan, Troia, or Mysidia) to settle or join a town. One can always utilize the Inn and rent out a room for the night after a day of adventure. Nomads cannot settle in foreign lands which leads them an arduous life of traveling off the path.

Regardless of joining a kingdom, skills can be increased in the form of combat, gathering, and manufacturing roles. After joining or creating a town, miners and others are needed such as woodcutters, hunters, and fishers to help the town take off the ground and sustain itself. Roles, more or less, define a character and you will find more than one warrior who also cuts wood or mines ore.

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